Below are just some of the perfomances from the 30th, the entire archived program will be available shortly



Jai Meher Baba!
Avatar Meher Baba’s 52nd Amartithi Virtual Programme
30th to 31st January 2021

Dear Beloved Baba’s Family,

We appreciate that nearly 400 of Beloved Baba’s gifted lovers from around the world have shared their love-offerings of recorded music, song, dance, poetry, art, and creative video for the 52nd Amartithi Virtual (online) program The program will be truly touching, lively, varied, beautiful and Baba love-filled to honor His ‘Eternal Date.’

You may all remain safely at home or in your Centres, away from health risks, enjoy the performances, and join together in the prayers, artis, and Dhuns, ‘Begin the Beguine’, Chairman’s speech, live camera darshan at Samadhi, and Silence – through the internet.

Saturday 30th January
12:30 pm – 3:30 am

Sunday 31st January
7 am until 3 am [SILENCE at 12 noon – 12:15 pm IST-Indian Standard Time]

The program timetable/schedule is posted below. We have included all who have submitted a video performance on time. They will be able to find their approximate performance time-spot directly in the schedule.

Below are the YouTube links. The same can be shared with the Baba community.

(in case of disruptions or emergency, the program broadcast will switch to www.youtube.com/c/MeherChannel/live)

In Beloved Baba’s Love and Service

Mehernath Kalchuri,

Amartithi Virtual Program Coordinator


I am the Divine Beloved worthy of being loved because I am love.
-Avatar Meher Baba


My Word of words will touch the hearts of all mankind, and spontaneously this divine touch will instill the feeling of the oneness of all fellow beings.
– Avatar Meher Baba

A love which is illuminated by the intuitive wisdom of the spirit will bless your life with ever-renewing fulfillment and never-ending sweetness.
– Avatar Meher Baba

Ultimately when the tide of suffering is at its flood, God manifests anew in human form to guide mankind to the destruction of its self-created evil, and re-establish it in the Way of Truth.
– Avatar Meher Baba

Prayers and form of worship are only meant for God, while you being so much lost in the formality of the thing and its details, that leaving God aside you worship the prayers.
-Avatar Meher Baba

I am the Avatar and I must provide for all of the 700 to 1400 years that go by after I drop the body and until I come again. During My manifestation and for some time after I have dropped my body, the high road of all roads of inner development is love and direct relatedness to the Avatar. That road is now fully open to the aspiring seeker and should be used.
– Avatar Meher Baba

Remember Him wholeheartedly and rise swiftly from where you have fallen to march ahead in His love and service.
– Avatar Meher Baba