The Avatar Meher Baba Trust is dedicated to the cause of Avatar Meher Baba in all its aspects and to the awakening of His love in the hearts of humanity. Meher Baba said, “I have only Love to give and all I want is love.”

Since 1969 the realization of the Trust objectives has been made possible through donations given out of love. All donations, small or large, given from the heart are welcome. The donors are from many countries and from many walks of life. Although some donors have yet to make their first pilgrimage to Meherabad, they have nonetheless given generously.

Below are some of the images and human faces relating to the Trust’s current development effort. The Development Plan is the Trust’s implementation of Avatar Meher Baba’s instructions set down in the Trust Deed.

In response to the growing numbers who make pilgrimages to His home, development at Meherabad is happening at an ever-increasing pace. To find out more about how to offer your support in these development efforts, please click one of the following links: