Sharing Baba’s Message of Love

Meher Baba never wanted nor encouraged propaganda. The Trust does not, accordingly, work to promote creeds or dogmas, nor does it seek “converts”. Much of its cultural life, rather, is devoted to the celebration of the love of God through the creative arts. At the same time, Meher Baba left a rich legacy of words in the form of books and messages; the Trust fosters their publication and is preparing facilities for other kinds of research.
The following are some of the programs and activities which have developed as avenues for disseminating Beloved Baba’s message of Truth and Love:

Music and Arts Demonstration Centre

A focal point for expression in the creative arts is the Music and Arts Demonstration Centre, which houses a full-scale professional theater and encompasses various satellite facilities. One of the Centre’s current programs features dramatic performance. Every month a group or center from around India or the world brings a play to Meherabad and stages it in the theater there. Meherabad pilgrims and residents create and put on a major original dramatic production each year for Meher Baba’s birthday on 25 February. Two recent birthday play subjects were the lives of Jalaluddin Rumi and Tukaram, a drama by Bhau Kalchuri on a theme of creation as given to him by Meher Baba, and two plays based on movie treatments created by Meher Baba.

Scene from Birthday Play

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In addition, the Centre sponsors a concert approximately every two weeks in which visiting musicians, dancers, or other performing artists give their own personalized expression to Meher Baba’s message. On an occasional basis the theater hosts lectures and other programs.


Informal Programs

Many other forms and occasions of artistic expression arise on the Trust estate on an informal basis:

  • Every morning and evening at seven at Meher Baba’s Samadhi, after arti (an offering of prayers), pilgrims share their love for God for an hour through the medium of songs.
  • Films and videos of Meher Baba are regularly shown at the Meherabad Pilgrim Centre, Music and Arts Centre, and Mandali Hall at Meherazad.
  • A Sunday morning program at Meherazad provides an occasion for songs, poems, short skits, magic, and films of Meher Baba.
  • Stories by people who met Meher Baba and lectures about him are shared from time to time in the afternoons at the Pilgrim Centre and Hostels.

Evening Arti at Baba's Tomb

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