The Trust operates a variety of educational programs, in fulfillment of Meher Baba’s directives to this effect in the Trust Deed.

Meher English School

The Trust’s main educational service to the local populace is the Meher English School, an English-medium primary and secondary school facility encompassing the full ten-standard pre-college curriculum. With a full-time faculty of about 26 teachers, the Meher English School currently enrolls about 650 students, most of them from surrounding rural villages and the nearby town of Ahmednagar. The fifteen-room school building includes classrooms, two auditoriums, laboratories, and a central playground for sports and other activities.


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Physical Education Centre

The Trust also maintains a Physical Education Centre whose library and facilities for sports and games are used daily by 50-100 youngsters from Arangaon Village.

Spiritual Academy

The Trust’s Spiritualized Educational and Cultural Academy provides spiritual training to about 50 seekers from India and abroad. These spiritual trainees have given up their life in the world and reside full-time on Trust Property, where they devote themselves to love for God through various venues of service.

Mastery in Servitude

All Trust personnel, including the Trust’s paid employees as well as its spiritual trainees, carry out their duties within the framework of the Trust’s Mastery in Servitude program, which inculcates the spirit of true service through self-effacement and inner awakening to Divine Love. A Spiritual Training Programme was started by the Trust in 1973. Beloved Baba made spiritual training an object in His Trust Deed. The Spiritual Training Programme allows dedicated souls the opportunity to come to Baba’s home in India and dedicate their lives to Him.